SOMOS.BERLIN, Berlin, Deutschland: Link to the Interview

“Munich enabled me to learn about german culture up close.”

WORLD HARP Magazine, Petaluma, CA, USA:

“When talking about music from Ecuador most people would automatically think of the Sanjuanitos, a genre of music from the Ecuadorian Andes which is played with mandolin, guitars, Latin flutes and in particular with panpipes. The tender harp, accompanied by a gentle voice, is what one would have least expected. By listening to Ramiro Uribe we learned that these sounds also exist in the Andes. When one listens to his music for the first time, it seems impossible to associate Uribe’s gentle style of music with the Latin American music generally known.”


He learned playing the harp as an autodidact – which is where his originality and his own style as a harpist originate from. He went beyond the limits of traditional Latin American harp music and created new compositions of instrumental pieces for the harp with Ecuadorian rhythms and – together with his gentle voice, instrumental accompaniment and his own socially critical lyrics – developed a style of his own. ”

ECOS Magazine, Múnich, Alemania:

He possesses an exceptional voice and his repertoire consists of his self-composed deeply poetic songs.”

DIE ABEND ZEITUNG, Múnich, Alemania:

Ramiro carresses his harp.”

EL COMERCIO, Quito, Ecuador:

His approach to the interpretation of harp playing is very personal and unique.”

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